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Butterfly Marking (Danainae)

The average life span of a butterfly is only a couple of weeks, and most of them do not overwinter as adult. However, the life span of Danainae is usually 6 to 8 months. They migrate seasonally and overwinter as adults. The climate in the north during winter is colder, while it is warmer and flavour plant growth in the south. Migrating to the south does not only bring Danainae a better food source, but they can also avoid the cold weather as well as their predators. Therefore, Danainae migrates to the south in autumn and winter, and migrate back to the north for reproduction in spring and summer.
The Mark-Release-Recapture (MRR) study is carried out by capturing and recording the information of the overwintering Danainae individuals, and applying markings of date and location on their wings, before releasing them back to the nature. Recapturing of marked individuals will allow the researchers to trace their migration path, providing useful information for their conservation.


Steps of Butterfly Marking:

1. Prepare butterfly marking tools.

2. Capture the butterfly.

3. Take it out from the net.

4. Examine it's sex and wing condition.

5. Mark the butterfly.

6. Measure the length of its forewing.

7. Write down the information on a record form.

8. Release the butterfly and recapture.

Ecological Survey

Before the establishment of the Siu Lang Shui Butterfly Habitat, a baseline survey was conducted. The staff of Fung Yuen Butterfly Habitat conducts regular butterfly surveys at Siu Lang Shui Butterfly Habitat to record its species diversity and abundance to monitor the ecological value of the Siu Lang Shui Butterfly Habitat.


Butterfly Species Checklist of Siu Lang Shui Butterfly Habitat

Species checklist 3.png



In addition to the butterfly species, other species can be found in Siu Lang Shui Butterfly Habitat.

Species checklist 4.png